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Tired of having a workspace in your living room ? Talking about your job to your cat ? Squatting your basement with your startup’s team ? You want to exchange views with other experts and elaborate common projects with different specialists with whom you share the space ?

At Digital Village, we think that coworking is key to quality collaborative work: more than just a space, it is a true tool at the service of productivity. All of our places are designed so as to be as inspiring as pleasant while developing activity together. 


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A new space for DV Paris

1400m2 in the heart of Paris to receive DV Paris teams.



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Elodie Campo


Directrice Artistique

I was tired of working on my own at home, thus i joined the offices of DV Paris. In the end, it is now easier for me to make a clear distinction between my freelancer work and my personal life.

Erwann Bocher


Dév. Front

Finally a space compatible with my job ! I can work with the other members from Digital Village to develop my job and advance my website.

Jonathan Beltran


UX Designer

What I liked at Digital Village, is the possibility to work with other freelancers. Accumulate skills allow us to sign bigger contracts that i couldn’t do on my own.

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