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Being a freelancer doesn’t imply working alone, cut off, struggling with administrative work  getting stressed about future and speculate on potential clients. Coworking doesn’t imply being seated in a rented office compartment, right next to another freelancer, compartmentalized as well.

We cultivate the idea that we are free but together. Sharing our offices allows us to exchange ideas, help each other and develop our businesses. Together, we can share our skills, thus meeting more demand.


At Digital Village, we know that we are stronger together. Hence, all of our experts organize in teams to exchange, combine and share their competences for our clients projects.

Getting involved

We aren’t a heartless platform, we meet and love all of our villager. Each member of the community takes part in everyday life, strategic choices, project marketing and in the proper functioning of the global entity.

Helping each other

Most of our experts are also course trainer. But no need to take a course or a training to help other freelancers in their projects, all you need is being regularly in the offices.

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