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A unique set-up. On top of benefiting from the experience and good practices of seasoned startups and having access to privileged tools, place, partners, we allow you to have the same production capacities as companies of bigger size.

Our experts provide you with their technical resources and action strength which often lacks young startups full of ideas. We are an ecosystem that promotes the emergence of startups thanks to the production capacity of our villagency.

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  1. Gain years on your startup development

    Thanks to an individual coaching, you are guided through your project for it to become a true success story. The mentoring of entrepreneurs, business, technical and design specialists enables you to avoid going through paths that have already been explored by others and allows you to gain important time. Remember that the time you save now represents substantial revenue in a few years.

  2. Take advantage of a privileged access to financing

    The connections we build with the financing world (Digital Village Investment Club, Business Angels, Launching fund , private equity…) frees you the access to necessary resources for your growth, when you need them and in the best conditions.

  3. Benefit from privileged advantages

    Our partners network – banks, institutional organizations, service providers – provides you with pre-traded deals on essential tools.

  4. Secure your entrepreneurial process

    The idea is simple : it is all about qui pro quo. You receive by learning from others and you give by helping others in your turn. You can also practice as a freelancer and receive a payment while your startup gets ready.

  5. Obtain the same production capacities as majors

    With our gathered freelancer team, it is as many experts that are here to answer your needs. 


We love them

Benoit et Mélanie

Bloomizon founders

Integrating Digital Village incubator has been a real initiator for the launch of Bloomizon. We have been guided through all the digital part by expert freelancers et constantly improve our services with them. We benefit the means of production within the working space, without having to hire, what would have been impossible during the launch of our startup.

Yoan et Romain

Hubworkair founder

When i wanted to launch my startup, I was completely lost on all the digital aspect. At Digital Village, I was able to find teams that were ready to help me, design my mobile app and guide me through its development. It really is a win-win deal for me and the entirety of the freelancers team.


AdHunter founder

While coming at Digital Village, i could both continue my consulting missions for various clients, and take the time I needed to launch my startup’s RTB platform. The other freelancers have helped me a lot on the technical angle, which allowed me to quickly launch a first version of the website.

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