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Digital Technology has become omnipresent and it is hard to find one’s way through it. This is why we have imagined Digital Village, the first place dedicated to digital only.

We gather in one place, all the skills, to help you create your digital products, to teach about digital jobs, to assist employment and companies in their digital transition.




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Digitize yourself

At Digital Village, choosing the best experts to answer your digital transition issues is a matter we take very seriously. Our teams intervene all the way from your project’s conception until their production.

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Educate yourself

Whereas more than 60% of jobs are predicted to be renewed in the ten next years, teaching digital jobs has become a major stake. We believe in short, practical and accessible trainings. Designed by our experts, they are accessible to any company head as well as employees, job seeker or freelancer.

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Gather yourselves

We re-establish the real coworking. We work together! Being the first place dedicated to digital, we gather experts in somes innovative spaces to work on your digital projects.

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Be accompanied

Not only do we accompany you on your business model, but we have also created the first startup studio where entrepreneur are being offered a production capacity to genuinely achieve their digital projects, thanks to our experts.

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to digital

We believe that the use of digital is necessary for everyone. That everyone did not have the chance to be trained! We therefore offer free sessions to get back to level!

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Initiation to

We share our experience, with all those who wish to become freelance. A moment of sharing to understand and organize to change careers!

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Nos villages

Digital Village Paris

13-15 rue Vandrezanne
75013 Paris

09 72 66 20 15
Romain Arnol
Elodie Campo
Bertrand Moine
Amaury Peillon
Agathe Kenesi
Hugo Couturier
Pierre Gombaud
Rémi Hansen
Ludovic Mariault
Fred Garel
Aurélie Matjabo
Céline Trimouille

Digital Village Marseille

18 rue neuve sainte catherine
13007 Marseille

09 72 66 20 15
Louis De Vaumas
Kévin Gobaille
Thomas Reichling
Alexis Fieujean
Arnaud Boubli
Marcel Polo
Ambroise Boulain
Bastien Labat
Ornella	Rampazzo
Perrine Meteyer
Stéphane Mondésire
William Hutter

Digital Village Bordeaux

88 rue Judaïque
33000 Bordeaux

09 72 66 20 15
Shirley Jagle
Louis Bernard
Fred Geffray
Peggy Petremann
Martin Avisseau
Ilyas Bensmaini
Mickael Vermosen
Marion Tracanelli
Anne Geffroy
Olivia Forzy
Damien Debrel
Céline Leroy

Digital Village Toulouse

24 boulevard de Strasbourg
31000 Toulouse

09 72 66 20 15
Ludwig Tröller
Nicolas Delille
Antoine Carbonnier
Florian David
Benoit Blanjean

Digital Village Roissy

6 rue antoine lavoisier
77680 Roissy-en-brie

09 72 66 20 15
David Calderini
Anne-Laure Fréant
Emmanuel Séguier
Guillaume Le Clerc
Pierre Finot
Julie Delperdange

Digital Village Strasbourg

13 rue du Maréchal Foch,
67000 Strasbourg

09 72 66 20 15

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